11 most popular things to do in rishikesh

Rishikesh is a place to enjoy with lots of fun. It is never a place to sit idle and watch out for rather has got loads of actions to work on and give attention to. The place has many options to witness and it being a natural scenic beauty calls for a best phase of relaxation. The phase is quite good and can be enjoyed with the fullest involvement with. On a more worthy note the place is also attached with lots of religious and spiritual sentiments too. It drives well with people and they can entertain themselves with the best possible way.

# 1 Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

The most active part of games in the Rishikesh is of course having a great dive with bungee jumping. It is quite a true game with lots of positive spirit to get rid of height fear if any. It settles down the person quite well and the packages attached to them are highly recognized and instructed by the guide too. All the required measures in terms of precaution and equipments well required in the process are given to the person too. The packages cover, height, weight and speed capacity too. It is trained accordingly for every individual. One can also get the photographs and video of the same.

# 2 Camping


Camping is one of the ideal things every person wants to go with but, one needs to be extremely secured and careful before moving forward with the idea. It is very much essential to understand the guideline enumerated before going for the same. Keeping everything ready from a first aid kit to extra pairs of bags and once use utilities can help people a lot. Rishikesh as a location blesses people with two different forms of camping i.e. Jungle camps and Beach Camping. Nestled in the laps of nature, the beauty of Rishikesh cannot be defined in simplified words. It is essential to feel it in order to understand the beauty of Rishikesh.

# 3 Flying Fox

Flying Fox

A special form of adventure in Rishikesh, Flying Fox is undoubtedly a must experience sport for one and all. It is an ideal adventure to have in addition to rafting and camping. The sessions are provided all through the day. While the prices do vary for all ages of the people, it is quite an entertaining experience for all and can lead to lots of fun. The typical type of equipment and shape used in the adventurous sport is real fun to have with and gives a best sense of enjoyment. The sport is normally performed with three people and the speed varies as per the packages again.

# 4 Giant Swing

Giant Swing

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# 5 Air Safari

Air Safari

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# 6 Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti

Rishikesh is very well attached with pious and pure things. The religious sentiments and worshipping in this location are carried with spiritual values. There is a particular time period for ganga aarti which is quite heavenly in feeling. People can witness a series of aarti plates in the hands of people performing puja at the same time. The view is quite effective and it calls for a great event. There is a particular time associated with the same that helps in bringing the sense to a standstill with major photo shoots. The significance gets more worth as it is performed by the students of the ashram who learn and enchant the Vedas at the banks of the river.

# 7 Spa & Massage

Spa & Massage

The places in Rishikesh serves with many purposes and not just an ideal vacation time to gorge on food enjoy sports and activities. It is equally spiritual and relaxing also. With the functioning of lots of yoga sheds and medication camps, there are camps for massage services too. It is quite helpful for body to relax as they apply all the Ayurvedic and natural treatments to relieve the person from any stress. There are series of therapies that are being practiced by the residents on the passengers or travelers who come to the place. Also many resorts and hotels do include the service in their package at attractive prices.

# 8 Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

The places in Rishikesh are enriched with relaxation zones and points. Starting from spa therapies to meditation and yoga everything seems to be functioning on a more effective manner. In order to seek inner peace and calmness, Rishikesh serves as a perfect destination to practice meditation and yoga under the valuable guidance of gurus residing in ashrams. It is very much useful to relieve the stress from our body. It helps an individual in bringing a normal pace in life. Many yoga teachers and preachers are posted in the positions to impart training and classes on the same. Being an inspiring, effective and educative activity, meditation undoubtedly brings a great amount of balance in the life of people.

# 9 Panchakarma


Panchakarma is made available in the Ayurvedic centers in Rishikesh too. Many ashrams and spas are also appointed in same liens. It is a treatment that brings relief to the tired souls. The doctors appointed for the service makes their services available for the needy ones around the clock. Also the food and other diet necessary items are maintained in a good manner. The person is not left with blank questions. In Fact the person is given time to time advises to cope up with the treatment and allow himself to be stress less. Many yoga centers do offer classes and meditation on the parallel lines that help the travelers to enjoy their period most here and gain something really beneficial for themselves.

# 10 Rafting


Rishikesh being situated in the small town of Dehradun district is found on the banks of river Ganga. It is looked up for the adventurous sports and other tuneful activities right from the camping and river rafting. Rishikesh has always been a hot destination for river rafting and camping. The place holds a great regard in the same and with the upcoming facilities the proportion has risen to new heights. People generally held a tent with them while visiting such place and get to enjoy the real natural beauty of the place; hampering no other points as such. Facilities are huge in amount that includes- games like volleyball, cricket, tennis ball and many other amusing activities.

# 11 Waterfall Trekking

Waterfall Trekking

The adventurous sports when counted in Rishikesh are always fun to indulge with. Water trekking again comes with lots of more fun and amusement too. It adds the best phase to your vacation and is done with great care and concern being highly guided from the instructor for all age groups. It is more exciting as the travelers pass through many river banks, religious temples and lots of natural beauty being witnessed by them too. Even some packages do club the sports with sightseeing too. Picking the range of package also helps in enjoying the benefits coming with it.