Ganga River Bank

NOTE: All the Beach Camps in Rishikesh are closed due to NGT's (National Green Tribunal) orders. Click Here to know more. Only Forest / Jungle Camps are available

The River Ganga has a magnetic effect on the souls of all people whether residing or traveling on its shores. Running across the north eastern side of India, Ganga also crosses the state of Uttarakhand.

The Ganga River has a spiritual as well as adventurous side to offer to its tourists. Infact on following the channel of the river, one could come across various amazing tourist destinations that would be worth the visit. As a traveler, one should definitely pay visit to two sites in Rishikesh - the Lakshman Jhula and Rahi Bhaba. Lakshman Jhula gives a beautiful view of the Ganga River Bank along with the series of temples located on its coast. Kedarnath is another spiritual spot of destination that people reach via Kaudiyala. It is located at an attitude of 480 meters on the banks of the River Ganga.

In order to maximize the fun that you are about to seek in Ganga, you can choose to go for water rafting in its wild waters or even decide to enter the lush green jungles for long walks. The water currents of the river differ in the various locations and hence differs its speed. So a place like Byasi will include demography of consistent water flow. This is why it is enjoyed by all those people who are new to water rafting or those who need to get over their fears. The ride is just as smooth and easy as one would expect. Each rapid of the river Ganga has been given a specific term to differentiate the level of water rafting. On the contrary travelers who love to experience adventures at high level can choose to visit Kaudiyala. It is a place where the rapids turn wild and challenging. They are known as ‘The Wall’ and Grade IV or Grade IV+.

As a hardcore adventurous person, one is likely to be excited at Kaudiyala. It is because at this place the rapids become extremely challenging and is even termed as ‘The Wall’ and Grade IV or Grade IV+. Recently the town of Rishikesh and its surroundings have been thronged by travelers in large numbers to enjoy camping, white water rafting, bungee jumping, flying fox, jungle walk, rappelling, rock climbing and cliff hanging.