Checklist for Beach Camping in Rishikesh

Being an adventurous one as compared to Jungle Camps, the experience on Beach Camping does require a great amount of care and concern for one and all. Hence, it is essential to mark your checklist before stepping out for your trip. Ensure to carry the following essential things which camping on beach:

Clothing: Jeans, Shorts, Sweater, Windcheaters, Beach Clothes, Hat, Towels (pack extra), wading shoes, flip flops

Personal: Mosquito repellant tubes and spray, sunscreen, toiletries, sanitary, wet and dry tissues, oral care, scissors, tissues, baby care products (when baby is along), battery torch,

Medical: First Aid Kit, Antibiotic Creams, Essential medicines (if prescribed), regular medicines (for normal course), calamine lotion

Cleaning Aids: Plastic trash bags, Ziplock Bags, extra cloth

Adhere to this Beach Camping checklist and make the most of your time without any hassles.