Why Jungle Camps in Rishikesh

In today’s fast moving environment, life is becoming more and more automatic. During these hectic times, one needs to take break from their repetitive, manual and monotonous routine. People, at such times, get attracted towards open spaces, green hills, blooming nature and exciting adventures. They prefer hill-stations, greener or adventure-full cities and at that time, the ideal town that spring into mind is ‘Rishikesh’.

Rishikesh is full of everything i.e. sightseeing, adventures, camping, nature, hills, rivers and many more. Moreover, it fits in the budget of all the sections of society. Camping in Rishikesh is a life time experience and is equipped with stupendous activities, especially Jungle Camping.

In order to experience the wilderness of true Rishikesh, one needs to go inside the core of its forest area. Rishikesh Tourism offers Jungle camping at different spots like near Heval River Bank, Neelkanth Valley etc. Jungle camps are set up at a safe location and capture the beautification of real nature. These camps are surrounded by lush green valleys and are placed on the banks of the stream to give scenic view to its visitors.

Jungle Camping is quite entertaining for Kids and old people in the family in terms of space, safety, and entertainment. Children, on one hand, get a chance to see wide range of bird’s species and blooming flowers whereas elderly ones, on other hand, can enjoy relaxing moments in the lap of nature outside the fixed tents.

Adventure seekers love to camp in jungles as it has more elements of excitement. Living in extreme conditions with natural water, abundant sunlight and cool breezes in night sounds to be fun and thrilling. If the camping is self-arranged, it is advisable to comprehend and follow the directions of Jungle Guide. Travel bags must be geared with essential items as required for Jungle Camping. It includes strong camping hammock equipped with in-fixed mosquito net, a campus for directions, medical kit with essential things, a knife, Torch with extra batteries, plastic dish, water bottle, mosquito repellant, match-sticks etc. Lightweight apparel with high rubber boots are appropriate for travelling amidst forest area. Morning starts with chirping noises of colorful birds followed by bath in the natural water stream and coffee inside tents whereas the day ends with dining and sharing stories around the bonfire with live music.

Experience a wonderful living in the Jungle Camps of Rishikesh with infinite peace, comfort and relaxation. Here, tents are arranged by them and are equipped with basic or deluxe facilities. The camp organizers provide camp packages which comprise of adventure and recreational activities too. People can select the packages as per their budget and desires to get the best out of their stay. These jungle camps are set up near the creek’s bank and are known as base station to numerous adventure activities like Jungle safari, trekking, rappelling etc. The stay is made pleasant, adventurous and exciting for the campers by interesting ways and means. Pack bags to camp amidst green spectacular hills of beautiful Rishikesh.