Rafting Tips for Elders

Senior Citizens or Elders above 45 years who are willing to take adventurous expeditions and are healthy have come to the right place i.e. Rishikesh. The town is loved by all because it has something or other for everyone including elders. River Rafting can be experienced and enjoyed by the elders also. Grade 1 to 2 rapids are appropriate for them depending on their health conditions and zeal. The River Rapids are stretched within 7 to 9 Kms where passage is lucid enough to enjoy rafting and with no or low obstacles. The splashes of water from River Ganga’s short rapids enhance the young hidden excitement in the heart of elderly people.

Families having elderly people in their group can also enjoy a thrilling vacation at Rishikesh. It would be advisable to understand the River runner’s advices and rafter’s instructors on the Rafting stretch and River Ganga’s Rapids before choosing any River Rafting expedition for the elderly members of the families. Let river rafting adventures bring back the memories of their young times alive.

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