Jungle / Forest Camping in Rishikesh

jungle camping

Rishikesh situated in the northern region of India is a scenic beauty never to be missed. Although known for its spiritual places, the town has gained attention from various parts of the world due to its wide range of watersport activities. Apart from River Ganga, the location also possesses Heval River (Hem River) that becomes a sole destination for jungle/forest camps. Jungle or Forest Camping is one such leisure activity opted by travelers in Rishikesh. Located on the banks of River Heval, one can easily locate a series of numerous Jungle/Forest Camps for several kilometers.

It is inclusive of sturdy, spacious and water proof tents and cottages where tourists can stay and make the most of their holidays. While choosing your jungle camping, one can explore to choose amongst a wide range of jungle camps namely Mud Cottages, Swiss Cottages, Jute Cottages, Bamboo Cottages, Cemented Cottages, etc… These cottages are available with or without AC, ceiling fans, table fans, water cooler, etc… Away from the humdrum of the city life, forests offer a unique tranquil atmosphere simply wonderful for relaxation. The double mattresses inside the tents give the much needed comfy seating. The tent includes absolutely hygienic washrooms and strong electricity back-up in the form of generators. A walk towards the river bank will also give utmost delight. During the camping, travelers need not worry about the insects as the premise includes basic necessities of mosquito repellents, toiletries and soaps. Reaching the city is again not a hassle as the camping site is connected to the main road. Phool Chatti, Neelkanth Road and Mohan Chatti are popular locations for jungle/forest camping