Rafting Safety Tips

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Tourists from all over the world visit Rishikesh to experience the exciting river sports which bring thrill and excitement. River Rafting rejuvenate the rafters whether experienced or novice, young or old from inside. It all seems well to ears but need extra caution and expert’s advice, when it comes in real. White Water River Rafting along these rapids, whether grade 1 or grade 5, must not be taken heedlessly. It is advisable to understand the instructions provided by rafting camps under the chosen packages before heading towards the expedition.

Following are the basic precautionary measures on River Rafting safety to ensure a safe and joyous adventure:

- Physical fitness is the pre-requisite for any rafting trip especially on Grade II, III, IV and V rapids. Expert trainers and rafting instructors are there to consult on white water rafting trips and assist in choosing the right stretch. To improve physical strength for rafting, one can work on right exercises especially on upper body to handle oars and paddles of Rafting boats.

- Hire an expert or professional guide for the rafting expedition instead of sailing alone on any rafting stretch. Firstly, they know river rapids well and can help in scouting the raft even through the rapids well. Secondly, a guide accompanied raft ensures safety as life is valuable.

- Renting a superior quality rafting gear is utterly significant as rafter’s life depend on it. One must carefully select the Life Jacket and Helmet based on the size as well as comfort of body and head. An oversized life jacket is dangerous for a rafter. Here the underlying point is to put on apt floatation devices before starting out for rafting expedition.

- Experienced rafters who prefer to sail their own rafting expedition must not drink alcohol as this can put the lives of all the group rafters on that boat at stake.

- Rafting in dark is fatal so ensure to reach at campsite or starting point before the onset of dawn.

- In Rafting Trip, take filled water bottles alongwith you as summer heat may cause nausea, vomiting or dehydration. Furthermore, river water is not apt for drinking so must avoid it.

Keep mosquito repellants, ointments or sprays in dry bags to stay protected from Mosquitoes and insects. It is advisable to avoid using deodorants or scents before heading for any rafting expedition as it attracts insects and mosquitoes.

- Wear the right thermal wetsuits during White Water River rafting especially during winters to avoid exposures to cold air. As any such thing may lead to hypothermia, when body temperature quickly lowers down leading to shivering and paleness.

- Summer heat may cause heat strokes during the rafting expedition. The serious effects of heat strokes are nausea, dehydration, headaches, vomiting etc. and one must seek immediate medical assistance at campsites.

The aforementioned guidelines are basic and must be followed carefully. Precautionary measures should be considered vigilantly to thoroughly enjoy rafting trips. Why to take unnecessary risks when they can be easily avoided, as life holds more value than anything?

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