About Jungle/Forest Camping Area

About Jungle Camping Area

Rishikesh is an exciting hill station with numerous thrilling options to experiment and enjoy. Besides, river rafting and other water sports, one can’t miss the chance to see the wilderness around this beautiful town. Tourists from all over the world can never feel satisfied or saturated in just one visit.

Neelkanth Valley is the well known jungle camping spot at the outskirts of Rishikesh. Situated besides the flowing creek out of the Ganges River, it entices people to camp and enjoy the freshness around it. This valley is located at about 18 kms. away from the main city and is full of action, passion and serenity. Ironical it may sound, but truly, it hides both wild wonders as well as soothing water within its lap.

Campers are provided with best camping facilities and safe ambience. The camps are set up within short distance to the flowing water creek and entice visitors to play with water. The valley is a home to numerous but rare Himalayan birds like Himalayan bulbul, Hornbill etc. Bird watching, trekking to hidden waterfalls and photography are the ideal choices to spend happy times with friends, family or other campers. Adventurers can never be settled with ideal activities and they seek for more. Rock Climbing or Rappelling on the foothills of lovely Himalayan Valleys can be the apt choice for adventure seekers. Guides and professional climbers are easily available at Tourist offices to direct the newbies or help the groups on these rope activities.

Tourists camping at the riverside jungle camps should not afford to miss the chance to take Jungle Safari in Rajaji National Forest, which lies just next to the Valley. The Safari trips can be booked any time throughout the year and can accommodate about 6-8 persons in one trip. These trips are carried out on Open Air jeeps and take the surfers inside the deep forest amidst beautiful flora and living fauna. It starts early morning and lasts for about 2-3 hours.

Jungle campers can also enjoy the river sports i.e. River rafting or cliff jumping. The River rafting sites are quite far from the camps. However the nearest river rafting point is Brahmpuri which can enable tourists to take up rafting easily. The packages for jungle camping & rafting vary from Rs.1500 to Rs.4000 per person whereas the Jungle safari costs about Rs.3500 per person.