Rafting Tips for Youngsters & Middle age

River rafting can entice anyone starting from children to elderly people provided they have that passion to face thrill of these adventures. Rishikesh offers unlimited fun and excitement to youngster through numerous river sports and adventurous expeditions. River rapids are divided on their level of difficulties. The grades starts from 1 till 5 and are categorized on the basis of river flow, obstacles, water current and passage. Brahmpuri and Shivpuri Rafting stretches covers 9 Kms and 16 Kms distance respectively and are graded between 2 to 3. Young Rafters aging between 17 to 45 years can choose II, III or IV grade rapids based on their ability and physical stamina.

The Grade II and III Rapids include ‘Three Blind Mice’ or “Cross Fire” where waves are higher, passage is clear but narrow and with serious hurdles in the path. Prior experience and physical fitness is preferable before leading the raft over Grade III river rapids. Moreover, precise maneuvering from instructors is essential on these rapids. River Rafting needs audacity, diligence, passion and stamina. Youngsters & Middle age people possess all these qualities and this drives them to gain expertise along with enjoyment.

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