Checklist for Rafting in Rishikesh

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Gearing up for White Water River rafting along the exciting River Ganga Rapids is very essential before starting any rafting expedition. Tourists are given a prerequisite checklist for their rafting expedition based on season and camp stay. One must double check the things before leaving, in order to have the real taste of water splashing and scintillating adventures.

Adventurers, rafting along grade III, IV or V rapids, need to carry superior quality rafting gear and kits because of serious hurdles in the passage and mighty high water waves along these river rapids. Following is the list of essential items to pack in their rafting bags. Travelers who are planning to visit Rishikesh during the months of March to May must ensure to carry the following things along with them without fail.

- Cotton T-Shirt and shorts
- Thermal wet suits or bathing suit
- Sun screen lotion or sun blocks
- Minimal First Aid kit having bandages, cotton and Antiseptic cream
- River Sandals or sporty sneakers / Neoprene Booties
- Water proof stuff is recommended including Waterproof bag, watch, camera or any other item
- Short energy meals during rafting breaks like energy bar, energy drinks, fruits etc shall keep up the physical stamina and strength.
- Ziplock plastic bags to carry and protect things from getting wet.
- Plastic bags or polythenes to keep wet clothes and other accessories.
- Towel
- Spare Undergarments

Optional things:
- Sun glasses or glares
- Swimming goggles

Things which are available on rent in case one forgets:
- Bathing Suits and Neoprene Booties

Travelers who are planning to visit Rishikesh during the months of September to December must ensure to carry the following additional things too:
- Woolen attire including sweater, Air-jacket or wind shielders
- Extra Long Polypropylene underwear
- Special Neoprene gloves

The afore-mentioned checklist falls in the purview of personal necessities which one should bring along before planning for any such river rafting adventure. Apart from this, first-class rafting equipment and gear can be hired from the rafting camps as purchasing them can cost high in India. Experts and Instructors are available at the camps to assist or guide them in choosing appropriate rafting equipments based on their choice of river water grades for rafting. Below mentioned is a review on Rafting equipments and Gear:

- Lifejackets and right vests: These Lifejackets are the most important gears for any kind of water adventure and are catalogued into Off-shore Life Jacket, near shore buoyant vest, floatation aid, and special use devices. Furthermore, these life jackets come in different sizes and should be worn as per the size of body.
- Imported and Inflatable Rafting Boats for safe rafting experience.
- Refined and full size carbon paddles to sail boats along high grade river rapids
- Well-designed secure Helmets of right head size to protect from head injuries.
- Rescue Throw bags save rafters in case of any accidental river fall.
- Last but not the least, expedition tents to survive in extreme weather situations.

The rafting checklist should be acknowledged and adhere by river rafters as life is precious. The aim of the expedition is to enjoy safe and exciting river rafting.

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